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Pergola Shades In UAE

Parking Lot Shades Dubai produces and distributes outdoor garden pergolas and parking shadows throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other Gulf nations, such as Oman and Saudi Arabia. Installing a fixed pergola canopy or retractable pergola shade in your garden or close by will allow you to enjoy outdoor living in all weather. A pergola shade cover helps you to enjoy your outdoor seating area in every weather condition, whether you wish to enjoy the summertime outdoors or the wintertime’s bright sun and crisp air. The wind speed that our Pergola Shades structure can withstand is 140 km/h.

Pergola Products

Pergola Shades Types

Pergola canopies are available in various forms and designs. You can install a variety of pergola structure shades for the aforementioned uses at the front of your house. Types of pergolas include

Flat fabric pergola shade

Patio wooden pergola

Transparent Pergola

Outdoor aluminum pergola

Patio retractable roof pergola

Flat roof pergola


With more than 5+ years of expertise, our knowledgeable staff and artisans are constantly advancing the industry through innovation and expansion thanks to our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities.