Best Pergolas Design

Best Pergolas Design



Best Pergolas Design

Both non-waterproof and waterproof pergola shades are offered in the United Arab Emirates by Car Parking Shades Dubai. Car Parking Shades Dubai offers both permanent and retractable pergola installations and supplies.

For your pergola, we provide a number of unique shade options, including privacy side panels and retractable options, all available in a variety of colours. There are several shade materials available for our traditional style flat roof pergolas. Our opulent free-standing flat roof pergola blinds can be fixed to posts or walls. These pergola shade structures are constructed from powder-coated steel, aluminium, and wood. 

Pergola Products

Types of Pergola Shades

Pergola roofs are available in various forms and designs. You can install a variety of pergola structure shades for the aforementioned uses at the front of your house. Types of pergolas include:

Patio retractable roof pergola

Flat roof pergola

Flat pergola for restaurant

Patio retractable roof pergola

Outdoor aluminum pergola

Patio wooden pergola


With more than 5+ years of expertise, our knowledgeable staff and artisans are constantly advancing the industry through innovation and expansion thanks to our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities.